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July 1, 2007

Posted by phoenixaeon in potty training, strange day, Wimbledon.

Well, it’s been a strange day today. The world is going insane. Yesterday there were two supposed ‘terrorist’ car bombs in London, thankfully they didn’t explode. Then today some idiots ploughed into Glasgow airport in a flaming Jeep Cheroke, trying to set the place alight. One of them ended up on fire, and I’m not sure if it was the same one that had a suicide bomb belt strapped to him. Then tonight my brother texts me to tell me that Liverpool Airport (I only live about a mile away from here) had been closed and the roads around it closed too, and there was a possibility of evacuations. Well, that had me scared, but it was later revealed that this was only a security procedure. It’s all totally tits up.

But anyway, on lighter news, another disappointing day at Wimbledon, after it was rained off after just over an hours worth of play. Play had already been delayed due to rain, and the courts were covered until around 3pm. So I sat and watched little documentaries about Billie Jean King and Bjorn Borg. It was good to sit back and watch some tennis history.

My litte Principessa has been doing well with her potty training too. We’ve been training for about two weeks now, and (touch wood) she harldy has any accidents. I am so proud of her. I have only got to worry about training her for staying dry at night now, I think we’re about done with the daytime stuff (apart from the fact that I have to stop her from tipping out her potty after she has had a poop!).

Anyways, sleep time now. Oyasuminasai!



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