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August 9, 2007

Posted by phoenixaeon in Harry Keogh, Harry Potter, stupid internet, writing.

ARGHHHHH!!! Stupid internet. Or rather, stupid cable. I’ve been attempting to get on the internet over the last three days, but there has been a problem with the connection. Dunno what it was, but yay, it’s fixed and I can get back to normality!

Not much has been happening, really, over the last few days. I’ve been doing a little bit of writing, but even that has been sorely hampered by Microsoft Works word processor. I thought I was going hell for leather with the writing, though there was a little niggle there that I hadn’t done as much as Works word count was saying I had done. Well, the word counter suddenly decided to start counting characters instead of words. How piddled off was I, when I discovered this? Very, I can tell you. I’ve now installed Office 2000. At least that seems to be working properly.

Anyways, here is a post that I did want to put up two days ago. Thank God it’s still relevant!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Okay, I read this over the weekend of its release and didn’t say anything about it even though I was very excited. I just wanted to read it to see how it finished. I was happy and disappointed at the same time, though I couldn’t work out what niggled at me. I thought the ending was a little weak, but couldn’t put my finger on what was missing. Then yesterday I was reading a blog by the author —— and suddenly all became clear. From the end of the last battle and the epilogue of the story there were 19 years missing (okay, I knew this as the last chapter is titled ‘Nineteen Years Later’). What I mean to say, is there is nothing indicating what happened to the characters (except the relationships that happened between them) after the battle. After all that had gone on in the previous books, all the angst after the OWLS about what kind of wizarding career each would go into, after the fight to bring equality to the wizarding world; nothing.

So, I was thinking on that this morning, as I sat in the only place I am able to think (I’ll leave it to your imagination where that is)….

I have two favourite series of books, and strangely enough both the main characters are called Harry. One as you know is Potter, the other is Keogh, the main character in Brian Lumley’s Necroscope series. As I sat and pondered on this fact, it came into my mind that many people are hoping that J.K.R. will write further Harry Potter books. This led me to thinking about Harry Keogh. Well, there was a gap in the Harry Keogh timeline between Necroscope 3 and 4, allowing Mr Lumley to write two further volumes of the Necroscope series subtitled ‘The Lost Years’. Maybe (hope upon hope), this is what J.K.R. will do with Harry Potter. By leaving the gap and tantalising us with no mention of what happens (apart from marriages and kids), she has left the story unfinished to be reopened at a later date when she feels ready to re-enter the world of Harry Potter.

Well, it has made me feel a bit happier to think of it this way. After all, hasn’t Stephen Donaldson re-entered ‘The Land’ of Thomas Covenant after a sabbatical of 25 years?



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