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Potato Olympics and super sized bugs. August 18, 2007

Posted by phoenixaeon in books, Borders, potato olympics, super sized bug.

I took Principessa to the bookshop again today. I’m so made up that the bookshop is her favourite place. But, with the bookshop comes the coffee shop, and that means smoothie and fudge brownie. The drink and cake happens after a good long look at the books, taking them to the reading table and thumbing through them. That’s another thing I am really happy about. Principessa loves her books. I’ve lost count of the number of books she has stored in her little head now.

She has just finished competing in the Potato Olympics. This morning, she stole a potato from the kitchen and this afternoon has been finding as many new sports as she can with it. I’m just glad she didn’t think of playing tennis with it. She first practiced her potato bowling, shouting “Nasty split,” when her duplo block skittles didn’t all fall down. She has just given up practicing potato shot put, after she nearly knocked me out with the potato! Funny little thing.

On the super sized bug front… I was quite happily watching TV with my dad last night when I heard this scuttling noise. Looking around, I saw nothing, so thought no more about it. About five minutes later I caught a glimpse of this thing scurrying towards me. ARGH! Focussing all of my attention on it, I saw this horrible, huge beetle heading straight for me. Now, I’m usually a bit eurgh with normal little black beetles, I am so not a bug person, but this thing was massive. I’ve only ever seen beetles that big in the zoo, where they are behind glass and not so scary. You can imagine, therefore, my horror at the sight of this thing coming to get me. Luckily for me, it didn’t have another horrible little bug riding on it’s back with a skull and crossbones bandana tied around it’s head and wielding a pitchfork! God knows where the thing went to after Dad sent it packing away from me. The last I saw of the thing, it was running towards the chimney.



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