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Stupid Sky August 31, 2007

Posted by phoenixaeon in Lobo, Sky TV, tennis, Tim Henman.

Again, not much has been happening. The tennis and athletics are being watched, and lots of “Why aren’t they showing the Tim Henman/Andy Murray (delete where applicable) matches? I’m sure people are more interested in them than other matches,” has been said. The reply to which; “That’s Sky’s fault. They can make money from it as they have the rights to the matches.” I know it’s true, but none-the-less… Harrumph!

But, yay! At least Tim Henman proved me wrong. I was utterly convinced he would be out in the first round as his record against Dmitry Tursunov has not been brilliant. But lo and behold, Tim gave all us none-believes the bird and won the match. Woohoo, go Tiger! I don’t hold out much hope for him against Jo-Wilfred Tsonga though. That young’un is fearless in his tennis.

The perils of Ebay and the loving of Lobo comics have cost me £16. It has been 13 years since I spent that amount of money on Lobo comics all in one go. Ah well, it’s nice to splurge out on something you don’t need once in a while. I usually spend money on things Principessa doesn’t need.



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