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What a week. September 30, 2007

Posted by phoenixaeon in Japanese, The horrors of nursery and the raising of Cthulu, writing.

Well, Niamh completed her first week at nursery. She was doing brilliantly until Friday, when the teachers tried to take her and the other kids to the school hall to play with all the big toys. Well, Niamh (according to the teachers) was inconsolable. They took her back to the classroom, where she asked, “Are we home now?” Porr little thing. By the time Linds got round to the school to pick her up she was happy as Larry and didn’t want to leave. Ah well!

Over the first half of the week I went to school with her, but by Thursday my stomach couldn’t take it. There are too many roads on the way to the school, and being leant backwards in the wheelchair really turns my stomach. I am petrified that Gaz is going to lose his grip and I am going to fall backwards. Eugh. Horrible.

It was also Halo 3 release week. Gaz received his copy on Tuesday, so on Wednesday, after dropping Niamh off at shcool, we went back to his (’twas very strange being back in that house after moving out years ago!) and played it for about an hour. Now I have to save up to get an Xbox 360. I quite enjoyed Halo 3, and I really would like to get PGR 3 too. Ho hum!

Ooohh, I saw this yesterday (thanks to the link from Neil Gaiman’s blog) and I really want one;
The Great Old Ones are coming!

Next week I’ll get back to writing and learning Japanese. I’ve let both slide a little, well, a lot really. I need to get back to it. I have been putting off the writing for a long time, I’ve just not had the motivation or the confidence to carry on. I think it is time to bite the bullet and force myself back into these things. Though I don’t recommend biting bullets, it’s a slightly dangerous pasttime! But no, in all seriousness, it is time to shake these nagging self doubts and get down to business. Wow, that is really assertive! I think I have just shocked myself into action with that!



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