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Falling Seagulls October 8, 2007

Posted by phoenixaeon in Degrees, laughing seagulls, Oh £$%* I've fallen again, poop.

Not literally, though that does conjure up a fabulous image in my brain (I’m giggling at myself now).

I had a fall last night. God, I hate falling. Principessa had been playing with an empty Gravy Granules tin and had taken off the plastic lid and left it on the stair lift. I had knocked it off so that I could go downstairs, and it had ended up on the floor in the hall. Well, when it was time to go to bed, I walked to the stair lift, sorted it out so I could sit down, put my foot on the lid, it slid on the floor, and I went over hitting my face on the banister on the way down. I hit the floor so hard that my hips are still hurting today. I had to call Gaz over to help get the inflatichair out and to get me up off the inflatichair once it had fully inflated. Ho hum! Needless to say, I went to bed in a horrible mood.

Now, the seagulls. This morning laughing seagulls woke me up. It has been so long since I heard the cry (or laugh) of a seagull that I thought I had woken up in a horror movie sound effects studio! And my, were those seagulls noisy! Maybe they were falling!

Principessa was in over share mode this morning. She was sat in my bed watching ‘Dora’ when she turned to me (I was still snoozing), grabbed my face and said, “I need to go for a poop.” It was all quite matter-of-fact, so she toddled out of the bedroom and to the toilet. I think she still feels quite proud of herself that she is a big girl and uses the toilet rather than the potty. She makes me laugh!

Kirst and I have decided that it is time we got a degree. I did try, years ago, only to be defeated by condemned halls and depression. Only three exams stopped me from getting a degree in Biomedical Science. Robbed, I was. Anyway, we have decided to sort out a degree in Humanities with English Language with the OU. It’s going to take about 5 years, but at least I will finally have a degree.



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