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Feeling rather peeved. October 17, 2007

Posted by phoenixaeon in Plotting, Stupid Royal Mail strike, The Principessa Files.

Yup. Very peeved off at the moment. I have bought things from Ebay and because of this stupid unofficial strike I am not receiving any of it. I am in a very hmph mood with the post. It’s a good job I can phone the bank to get credit card balances and pull up catalogue bills online. Otherwise I would be having charges placed on my accounts. That would make me very angry.

I feel sorry for the people who depend on Royal Mail for work etc. Case and point; the CRB send out disclosures through Royal Mail. How are people who live in Liverpool feeling if they are depending on receiving a disclosure to secure their job? How many people are going to lose jobs because of it? Okay, so the RM workers are peeved about their hours changing, but hey, that’s life. Other people have their hours changed too. It doesn’t matter to them that other peoples lives are being disrupted and destroyed because of their pettiness. My life isn’t dependent on RM, but I would be so mad if it were. I said to my Dad that I hoped they were having their pay suspended, but Dad pointed out that they would only earn it back in overtime that they will have to work to clear the backlog of mail. I don’t think they should be paid overtime. After all, it is them causing the disruption in the first place.

Anyway, enough of my rant. I have been working hard on getting this story plot going. So far, so good. A few new characters have emerged, characters I hadn’t been expecting. It feels strange plotting and not writing parts of the story as they come to me. Maybe it will help with training me to have a consistent train of thought while writing, instead of jumping from one scene to another and not writing linking bits in between.

Principessa is going back to nursery tomorrow. This nursery lark hasn’t been all that successful as yet. I think she managed the stinted first week, then she was off ill for a week, then she went in the week after but only managed two half-half days and two full-half days, then she has been off for the last nine nursery days ill. I know I was bad with going to school and feigning illnesses, but I was at least in primary school by that time! Okay, Principessa has really been ill, but if it continues like this, week in, week off, then I might just think about keeping her home. We shall see.



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