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Slow, unconfident words. November 3, 2007

Posted by phoenixaeon in If I could sit down and just write I might get somewhere, NaNoWriMo, Sanctuary.

So I have started the mini Nano, as I am not confident in my self to do the full NaNo yet. So the word counts so far are:

Day 1: 469 words
Day 2: 230 words

So I shall sit down later tonight and write some more, but this time I’ll try not to over think what I am writing. Therein lies my problem. I need to switch off and write, rather than reread what I have already done and start making changes. I’m never going to get anywhere until I break this cycle. I have to get it in my head to just write, finish and leave it alone for a while. Maybe I might end up with something solid. Once I’ve got that far, maybe I’ll learn something. *sigh*

On sports matters, ’tis the final Moto GP of the year. Rossi can’t win, but he could get the runner up spot. That is if the crash he has had today in qualifying doesn’t stop him, and if he can make his way through the field from about 16th place. If he can’t do it, then Dani Pedrosa gets the second place. Ah well. Not an easy end to the season for the Doctor!

Anyhows. I couple of weeks ago I mentioned a web program called Sanctuary. Well, here is the first episode. Enjoy.



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