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Lights. November 7, 2007

Posted by phoenixaeon in Light pictures, Please can we read some books and stop watching TV, Wordcount.

Firstly, didn’t Liverpool Besikt-their-as! 8-0! What a score!

I was having a look through a few blogs today and I found the image below here.

Looking at it made me think of last year. Grandand and I had taken Principessa to the Catalyst museum, and just before we left we visited the gift shop (as you do). I bought a box of light sticks for Principessa to play with when we got home. As it was, Gaz, Kayte and I played with them too. Our light stick pictures are below. (Okay, I know they are not as twirly as the one above, but hey, we had fun!)

At the moment I am losing my mind watching CBeebies with Principessa. I wish she would just get a book for us to read! I can cope much better with the reading than the watching. Maybe we will build some castles later, if I can turn off the TV without someone having a tizzyfit.

I am quite surprised at how long the introduction of my NaNo is turning out to be. It seems important that it is this long, as some crucial events are happening. But the main characters of the story still haven’t been introduced. I’m finding that quite strange! Amended word count for yesterday:

Day 6: 456 words



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