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From the mouths of babes. November 8, 2007

Posted by phoenixaeon in Can someone just lamp Jeremy Kyle, Wordcount, You can't argue with three year old and win.

Principessa had one of those nights last night. For some reason she was too wired to sleep, so it was after 10.30pm before she actually got into bed. Even then it was my bed. She was chat, chat, chatting away, about nothing in particular. Finally I engaged in the conversation instead of telling her that she needed to be quiet and go to sleep. So we were having a little talk and then she says to me:

“Mummy, how am I supposed to go to sleep if you’re talking to me?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. So I lay down and gave her a hug and said goodnight. She was quiet for about a minute before her chattering started again.

“How are you supposed to go to sleep if you’re talking to me?” I asked her.

“I’m sleep-talking,” was her reply.

You couldn’t make it up! Well, I suppose you could, but it’s so much better when it isn’t! I love the night-time ramblings of a three year old!

Today we have had a no television morning. Well, a mostly no TV morning. The cable has gone haywire again, and I can’t change the channel. It is stuck on ITV. I can’t even get behind the unit to turn the box off at the plug to reset it. None to pleased about that. I ended up sitting and taking half notice of Jeremy Kyle while Principessa sat and watched some Dr Seuss on Nanny’s computer. Well, now I know one thing for sure, I DON’T like Jeremy Kyle. I don’t think I have ever seen such an outright display of smug psychological bullying in my life! He really does think he is a god! He just baits and baits the guests (though some of them really are the scum of the earth, but still,) trying to get a rise out of them. Wouldn’t it be good if one day one of them were to rise to the bait and just lamp him one. I’d pay good money to see that!

Time for the daily word count now, me thinks.

Day 7: 310 words.



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