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World’s Worst Book Title. November 23, 2007

Posted by phoenixaeon in NaNo update, The many misunderstandings of Pooh, Wordcount.

This article tickled me – World’s Worst Book Title – as it reminded me of something that happened when Principessa was younger.

Uncle Gaz and Grandand had been fixing her cot, lowering the matress slats so that she couldn’t climb out. When they were finished, Gaz shouted to me “Do you want me to put Pooh in the cot?” Well, my confusion at this question resulted in the answer “Why would I want pooh in the cot?” Then I realised, Gaz had meant the Winnie the Pooh lullaby and night-light toy. Duh! Silly me!

The writing didn’t go according to plan last night. I did have it in my head that I would write after Principessa went to sleep. Unfortunately, I fell asleep too. Bugger! So now I have loads to catch up on today. But now the problems arise as I can’t seem to get my head into writing mode (apart from writing this, however. Writing a blog post isn’t a problem!), and the words are scratching themselves, like a metal glove down a blackboard, from my brain. Hmph!

Day 22: 82 words (said I didn’t do too well yesterday.)



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