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Brain is in subconscious overdrive. December 23, 2007

Posted by phoenixaeon in Dreams.

I like sleeping. Lots. But not when my mind is playing funny tricks on me (even when these tricks could be used in a story.).

The last two nights, I have been having the strangest of strange dreams. The dream the night before last wasn’t too bad, it was a chase and hide dream, so for the most part whoever I was sat back in a hiding place watching the action. And interesting action it was too, with super-fast martial arty blokes with swords…

But last night, a totally different chase type dream all together. Whoever I was happened to be on the run. It was tense and dangerous, and when it woke me up I was breathing shallow, hoarse breaths (like it was actually me legging it) and my heart was pumping like it never has in my chest. (Okay, I lie. It pumped like that a few months ago when I had another dream where I had been eviscerated by some weird alien. Well, I never said my dreams were sane!) Not only was my heart thumping and my chest hurting, but blood was hammering out some tribal beat in my head. It all made me feel quite afraid. I had to wake myself up fully before I had the chance to go back to sleep, so worried was I that I would close my eyes and the dream continue.

It only makes me think that my muse wants me to start a new story. There are some intriguing ideas appearing in the dreams of late, but by God, do they hurt!



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