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It’s a good job technology hasn’t got teeth… January 11, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in reading, What's so great about technology anyway.

Because it sucks. And it sucks big time.

We finally went 21st century with the V+ box, only to find that a number of the channels don’t work. What really gets my goat is that More 4 has died, that means I wont be able to watch the new series of ER which started last night. Grrrrr! I’ve already had to give up with Lost and 24 because Sky 1 was rudely taken from us after a horrible and needless fight between Virgin and Sky.

Ho hum.

(I know this moan is about something really mundane, but being of the not going out type, except when it’s necessary, I like to watch me TV shows!)

While I remember, you may have noticed a flashy mouse over thataway ————>
Well, please sign up to it and raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign by using their search engine (given, it’s not as good as google, but google doesn’t raise money just by clicking it), it would mean a great deal 😀

Well, I’m off to finally read Black Orchid followed by Jane Eyre.



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