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And it’s all over. January 27, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Films, OU, tennis, writing.

Bah! Tsonga didn’t win. I was really hoping he would. In the end, Djokovic deserved the win as he kept his head better. Such a pity though. I suppose there’ll be plenty of other chances for Tsonga, he just needs these experiences to know what to expect next time around.

‘Twas a great match, never the less, and after the first set I did think that Tsonga might win. Both of them played some brilliant shots, but Tsonga made far too many errors. Was close, though!

I ended up watching the Chronicles of Riddick last night. I didn’t like Pitch Black, but I liked Chronicles. I liked the idea of the Necromongers. Yep, I think I might watch that one again with a little more concentration.

I have now heard from the tutor for my OU course. Kirst and I can now send off our TMA’s (tutor marked assignments). I’m just hoping there can be something sorted out for going to the tutorials. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get there in the wheelchair. Poop!

On writing – I might have discovered a way out of the slump. I have started scribbling ideas down for the story I began for the NaNo, and something in the first chapter or so might need a little reworking, but I’m feeling more optimistic about it again. The idea for fixing the rut seemed to come steamrollering into my head this morning just after the tennis finished. I have no clue as to what flicked the switch, but I’m glad it did!

Grandand is just getting Principessa ready to go out with him to the shops, so I might just go upstairs and do some studying. I need to get my head around the Art History part of the OU course. Argh!



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