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Boom! Shake shake shake the room! February 27, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Earthquake, OU.

Yeah, so last night. The quake was finally measured at 5.3. It originated somewhere in the Midlands, so it was quite far reaching to shake Liverpool that way, and I know it reached the south east too. I’d say it was scary, but it was more exciting as it doesn’t happen that often. I know that sounds silly, and that I should have more respect for the wiles of the planet I live on, but wooooo! What a rush!

I can’t believe that at first I thought Principessa had gotten out of bed and was shaking the bed (can you tell I was just dropping off to sleep?) because she couldn’t get onto the bed. Then I realised that she was moving about in her own bed, and that the stuff on the shelves were clinking together, that it wasn’t the wind making the big ‘blowy’ noise. That’s when I shouted to Mum “Are we having an earthquake?” The bed shook with the strong tremor for about 10 seconds, followed straight away by a lesser shake for about 30 seconds. It felt like I was on a massage bed!

The last time I can remember feeling an earthquake was about 17-18 years ago at just after 3pm. I think they measured that one at around 3.2. The last time there was one at over the 5 magnitude mark was 2002, but I didn’t feel that one.

But enough of my rock and roll talk. I have managed to get my TMA (assignment) finished and printed out, so I will send that off to the tutor on Saturday. Looking forward to completely concentrating on the Colosseum unit now.



1. picasso36 - February 27, 2008

Hi Ally,thanks for that,now have a blog it’s picasso36.blogspot.com,ok it’s pretty much empty atm.Just need to work how to add hyperlinks and get the sidebar sorted.
Have decided to get the philosophy out of the way and wait for my next tutorial in sunny Wigan.Thanks for the advice.

2. Anonymous - February 27, 2008

Hi there,just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your blog.Thinking of starting one myself,if I could work out how.
I am also doing A103(that’s how i came acrooss your blog)Thought it occupy my time as i have a heart,lung,blood problem which restricts me to a greater or lesser extent.I found the art and poetry sections great and really enjoyed them BUT the music has me totally baffled!! I,ve got the meaning it,s the technical stuff I don,t get.Any tips!!Anyway keep writing-you are good at it.

3. me - February 27, 2008

Hi there,

Blogs are easy! Just go to http://www.blogger.com, register, choose your template, then away you go!

Yipes, sorry to hear about your heart, lung, blood problem. That sounds very scary.

Hmm, the music section. I struggled so much with that. I didn’t find the music grid much help at all. All I ended up doing was listening to each verse, writing down what I heard, then spent a fair while condensing it into something coherent. I don’t think I have done very well on that bit though! Good luck with it, even though I don’t feel I’ve done well, the relief of just finishing it felt soooo good!

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