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Weekend Sports. March 10, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Sports, The Principessa Files.

Here I go again. Blogging about sports. I hadn’t realised how much sport I watched until I started writing about it.

Well, first off, Biathlon. It was good to see people winning who haven’t won before. Kathrin Hitzer finally came through and showed the German team what she’s made of by winning the 12.5km mass start event and the 10km pursuit event. I enjoyed watching that. It also means that the cup is still up for grabs. The fight there is between Bailley (FRA), Henkel (GER) and Neuner (GER). It’s going to be an interesting fight to the cup. In the men’s event there is no such fight. It is all Bjoerndalen’s. No-one can oust him from the top of the table.

Now to MotoGP in Qatar. This was an intriguing watch. The 125CC was very interesting. A 15 year old Brit, in his rookie race, finished 5th. I don’t think anyone was expecting him to do so well. But well done to him. Then in the actual MotoGP, James Toseland did exceptionally well for his debut race in this class. He also finished 5th, and I think he even astounded himself. He did have one very dodgy moment when he overtook Jorge Lorenzo and the bikes touched. It was lucky he didn’t take the both of them out.

Well, that’s enough with the sports. Principessa has found herself a new game; catching her Dora football in the washing-up bowl. She is a little loon! So, while she is occupied I think I might finish up here and go and do some more reading.



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