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Allons-y, Alonzo! March 27, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, The Principessa Files.

I am really enjoying watching Big Bang Theory. After studying the basics of philosophy on the OU course it made me laugh last night when they were going on about reductio ad absurdum. I feel all the more geeky for it! And the Doctor Who mention! I think I punched the air! So sad am I! But what do I care? Hehe!

And speaking of Doctor Who… It’s that time of year again. The anticipation is building… Only two more weeks to wait! Oooooohh, excited! Not only because it’s new Doctor Who, but because I’ll be able to watch something other than ‘Daleks and Cybermen’, ‘Chips and School’ and ‘Shower Doctor Who’, all Principessa’s favourite season 2 episodes. I think I must know the script for them off by heart now!

I can’t believe how unafraid Principessa is of Daleks. When I was her age, and watching Doctor Who, I was petrified of them. So much so that when we went to an exhibition in Blackpool I ran crying and screaming from the room where the Daleks were! But Principessa, well, she sits there and giggles at them, and when they suck brainwaves with the sink unblockers she thinks that they are eating people like chocolates! She is one scary little girl! I think she’s going to like horror films when she is older.


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