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Hellboy and Stardust April 5, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Bloody books, Films, OU.

I finally got around to watching two of the DVDs I have purchased over the last couple of months.

  • Hellboy.

I really enjoyed this film. I have to admit I haven’t read the comics, but maybe I’ll go and search some out on Ebay now. Other than I enjoyed it, I haven’t got anything else to say as I watched it to relax and free my brain from thinking.

  • Stardust.

Watched this last night (after Principessa went to sleep while watching Hellboy. She was supposed to watch Stardust with me, but she wanted to watch the red monster instead). After hearing so many people say it was awful I was quite surprised as I quite liked it. Okay, so some of the plot points from the book were missing, and other things were there that I don’t quite remember from the book (I’ll have to read it again now), but otherwise it was okay. I was hoping the the fight between the unicorn and lion would still be there as that scene, for some reason, really stood out for me. But no, just the unicorn appeared.

I might get around to watching Daywatch tonight. I really loved Nightwatch. I’ve got the books sitting on the shelf waiting to be read, but there is a pile of books to get through before I get to them. Reading Dust by Elizabeth Bear (or I will when I find it… the gremlins seem to have picked it up for their plaything at the minute. Can’t seem to find it. Hmmm…) in between reading Block 3 for the OU course. God it’s boring! Block 3, that is. I’m hoping it will get easier and less like my brain trudging through a quagmire.




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