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April 13, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in OU, Principessa art, Sports, The Principessa Files.

I took Principessa to Spaceport today. Grandand came along too, as did Melanie and Nat. We had a great time, although I was unable to sit with everyone during the planetarium show. Bah!

When we got home, Principessa became a scribbling demon! She sat for ages, doodling these pictures. I am so proud of her as she hasn’t been taught to draw people and I just love the little man.

Still struggling with the French Revolution part of the OU course. I can’t tell you how much I despise unwitting testimony right now.

As for sports, I only have the MotoGP to comment on. James Toseland did us proud again, getting 7th place, but having to fight from 11th. He’s not doing bad for his rookie year, me thinks.

Oh, I lie! Have the swimming to talk about too. What a competition! Team GB notched up 24 medals, and three of them were gold. Made up. That’s pretty fantastic.



1. Ally - April 22, 2008

Hi joolz,

There are comments on one of the other posts that highlight some of the unwitting testimony. 😀

2. joolz - April 22, 2008

hi there, I am studying A103 , found ur comments echoed my thoughts on unwitting testimony…. am hoping that at some point I will be able to read between the lines and make some sense out of it!!rest of tma is ok but rrrrrrrrrr !!

3. Ally - April 15, 2008

They are great, aren’t they. Can you imagine what the walls look like?

4. Skippy - April 15, 2008

while you two speak in teknikul speekz I would just like to say that those pictures are fabulous! She’s a talented bunny!

5. Ally - April 14, 2008

Yup, second your thoughts on Q1, think it would be a little odd if they didn’t have a vested interest in hat as happening as it would eventually be their rights that would be changed. Q2, not too hard. Q3, well, in regards to the fall of the ancien regime, I think that is all to do with the unwitting testimony, and the fact that by the end of 1788 the French Government had collapsed (page 65 of block 3).

I’ve started to draft out the TMA, and have got a little more reading to do (possibly another 4-5 hours reading) before I finish the block.

6. picasso36 - April 14, 2008

Totally agree Ally,to be honest not sure i will bother working through the whole block.I am spending all my time trying to do the tma,just skimming the block lookijng fot the relevant bits.Q1 seems easy enough ie it’s a primary source but biased.Q2 seems to be highlighting phrases that need explaining.Q3 though can see the witting testimoney ok but can’t find the unwitting!!!Having said that the question does say what can we learn from the document so perhaps the unwitting part is not too critical.Maybe if we can pick one or two points of unwitting teatimony that may be enough! or at least I hope so.

7. Ally - April 14, 2008

I can understand unwitting testimony, I can see how it’s used, but I can’t seem to put it into context with the TMA text. As I haven’t managed to get past that bit, and I haven’t worked through the block yet, I have not looked, or even started thinking about, part 3.

I hate history. I feel like my brain is blindfolded.

8. picasso36 - April 14, 2008

Looks like you have a budding Leonardo there!Unwitting testimoney,have no problem understanding the concept but can I use it in regards to the text we have.The first two parts of the tma seem reasonanably straightforward but part 3 I am lost!

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