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All the bees have disappeared? April 22, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Doctor Who, Searches, writing.

No, this is not a reference to actual bees disappearing. This is the Doctor Who quote that is buzzing all over the net. I’ve noticed loads of it around, and people have latched onto it and are speculating what it could mean for the series. Well, I thought I’d add my tuppence worth.

I’ve seen some pictures for this year’s Christmas special, so my thoughts are (whited out below so I don’t spoil anything for others! If you want to read it, highlight the section):

In a Patrick Troughton episode (The Tomb Of The Cybermen), one of the characters (a German named Klieg) describes cybermen “like bees in a giant honeycomb, awaiting for a signal to awake from their winter sleep.” Could the bees disappearing be a reference to this? Also, it has been said that David Morrissey might be playing the part of the first Doctor, but I reckon he looks more like the second Doctor. If so, it would give the bees thing even more weight.

Well, that’s my Doctor Who speculation over with for now. The fourth series, after its poor start, is going well. The episodes have been much more enjoyable, and the last episode with the Oods was really good. I still think the Oods resemble a cross between Cthulhu and Bela Lugosi’s Dracula though!

Right, enough DW. I had a look at my Feedburner account before and saw one of the best searches ever that led to my blog:

  • dave mckean please help me on writing

I am so sad (in the geeky way, that is), I think this is great. If only Dave McKean would teach me to draw! I think I would ask Neil Gaiman or Michael Marshall Smith or Brian Lumley for help with writing though.



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