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Ipod random is NOT a substitute for a good mix tape. May 8, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Conversations with Principessa, music, OU.

While I love my Ipod, I wish I could work out how to make playlists up! I’m not usually this technophobic, but for some reason I cannot work out ITunes! Yes, I feel very thick. If I could sort out my playlists I wouldn’t have to rely on the randomiser so much. Here is just a snippet of the tracks it randomised last night (in order of play):

  1. Architecture/plan reading – OUCD3b (need to delete this now the block is done, methinks)
  2. Alexandra Leaving – Leonard Cohen
  3. Heaven is a Halfpipe – OPM
  4. Friends – Adam and the Ants
  5. TMA02 Help and Advice – Track 5 OUCD5a (another that needs deleting)
  6. You See This Creature – Pygmalion OUCD6
  7. Poor Thing – Helena Bonham-Carter/Johnny Depp
  8. Tonight, Tonight – Smashing Pumpkins

What I wouldn’t do for a good mix tape with some rationality to it!

On exciting music news though, I have booked my tickets to see Bryan Adams in October. Woohoo! Chuffed to little mintballs, I am!

Anyway, while I was scribbling things down last night (TMA stuff, random snippets of thought that could be used in stories, Ipod random list) I noticed a caution on the side of my pen:

  • Keep pen cap out of mouth, it can obstruct breathing if swallowed.

No poop, Sherlock! (Doesn’t sound right that, but no swearing around Principessa!) Could? I would say it would. Talk about stating the bleeding obvious!

At least I have started drafting Q2 of the TMA, after a long day of talking it out with Kirst yesterday. Argh, I don’t know if it helped or hindered. I think I only succeeded in confusing myself and straying from the plan I thought I had. Instead of arriving at ‘The Death Of Socrates’ I ended up at the Slaughtered Lamb. D’oh!

So, to finish today, I think some light relief is needed. This morning Principessa found a pen and decided she needed to tattoo her legs. A little later on, Nanny took her into the bathroom and tried to wash the ink off.

  • Nanny: It won’t come off, will it?
  • Princi: Then we need some Cillit Bang!


1. Ally - May 8, 2008

Bummer about the Itunes. Makes you wonder why we bother with all this technology when it is so temperamental!

I can’t see how you can reference every line, there’d be no point in writing the bloody thing! At some point you’ve got to use your own thoughts and ideas to bring things in together. I think your tutor needs treatment for referencing diarrhoea!

I’ve done my complete first draft now, just got to comb out any niggles. I’m not sure it’s much cop. I am sure I could write the art history section better.

I wouldn’t say he was a dumbass if he successfully sued the motor manufacturer. Maybe dumb for leaving the wheel, but I would say the manufacturer was dumb for not stating DO NOT LEAVE THE WHEEL. Common sense is a wonderful thing, but some people just don’t have it!

2. picasso36 - May 8, 2008

Hey Ally,think yourself lucky.When i got my new ‘puter I loaded itunes and the bloody will not synch.Went from three thousand songs to about ten.Tried to manually manage them and everything else I can think of to no avail.

Q1, bloody hell my writing is cack,become incoherent again.Going to work all evening to finish it as I have not even looked at Q2 properly.

My tutor says by this point we should be referencing every line-I do not understand that!!!

By the way did you hear of the rather stupid American who successfully sued a motor manufacturer.
He had a big motorhome type thingy,on a trip he set the cruise control and then went in the back to make a coffee.Funnily enough he crashed!!!He won the the case as nowhere in the instruction manuel did it say you had to remain at the wheel when using the cruise!! Dumbass American,but tickled me nonetheless.

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