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Was size important to Socrates? May 14, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Art History, New arrivals, OU, tennis.

Firstly, as it completely slipped my mind yesterday:

Congratulations to Juliana and Chris on the birth of Samuel! I hope Patience is enthralled with her little brother and that you are all doing well.

TMA05 is really doing my head in now. I thought I had it wrapped up. It read OK, it seemed to have everything I wanted to say in some sort of coherent order. Still, something niggled. Something was missing. That something was the importance of the dimensions of the painting in conveying it’s subject matter.

I have been ripping my hair out, so I have just added a bunch of ick at the end comparing the size of ‘Socrates’ to that of ‘Horatii and ‘Brutus’, and saying that the smaller picture was more intimate and wasn’t as overwhelming in both size and forcing an idea. That’s how I see it, anyway. If my interpretation is right is yet to be seen.

I seem to have hit a block with studying. I have been looking forward to the History of Science (HoS) block since starting the course. Unfortunately, the Religion section precedes it and I can’t seem to get into the right head space to study it. This is completely putting me off going forward to the HoS section. I feel like I am being submerged in quicksand with no form of escape.

Well, off to watch the tennis (the rest of the Wawrinka vs Kiefer match). Principessa is bugging Nanny!



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