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D’oh! June 17, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Don't believe the bro, OU, Sunburn, Wallace.

I am wishing I hadn’t jumped the gun and sent my Wallace essay off on Sunday. I can now see ways it could have been improved, made to read more fluidly. Bum! I think I have put enough in to at least get the pass mark, but I could have mentioned the blurring of boundary lines between science and religion, and the resulting separation of science and spiritualism. Argh! That would have made the essay better by a whole lot! That’ll teach me not to rush things just because I can’t get my head around it at the time.Ah well, hindsight is a useless beast, foresight the evasive beast.

The sunburn is now turning into prickly heat. I don’t which is worse – the heat and pain of the burn, or the incessant itch of the prickly heat. Grrr!

I’m all a bit grrrr today as it is. That stupid creature called a brother decided he’d try and pay off his catalogue bill with his XBox360. He bought it over with a bunch of games. Today, he came in saying that he needed money so he was going to take the games to Gamestation to exchange them for cash. When I confronted him about it he said that he had given me the XBox but not the games. When I told him that I was not stupid, that I had checked around to see how much a brand new XBox360 cost, and that I could get one for less than he owed me for the catalogue, he flipped his lid! He must really think I am a mug, that I would take the seconhand XBox without looking around first and making sure what he gave me would cover his bill. Idiot! (Me, not him, for believing he wouldn’t try to rip me off. I shall not be believing anything he says again.)



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