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What a secret blunder! July 9, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Don Juan, Guitar Hero, Medea, OU, Wide Sargasso Sea.

*Eeks* I received the secret ‘exam’ paper today. Well, the envelope contains the very last assignments for the A103 course. But…problem. The ever so secret pages have been sealed into the return envelope, instead of the top secret instructive envelope that should contain the exam paper and the return envelope. If any of that makes sense! So, I’m just keeping an eye out at the A103 forum to see what is to be done. Ho hum!

As for the current essay TMA07 plan… I’ve not started yet. I’ve taken a day or so out to finally get around to reading Wide Sargasso Sea. Holy heck! it’s depressing. Just got a few more pages to read before I’m done. And I shall breath a sigh of relief. I thought I had better read it, just to make sure that it would not be a text I could use for the essay. I can tell you, it’s a big, fat no! It’s an interesting take on the Bertha character from Jane Eyre, Rochester’s first wife. But it drains the life out of you faster than the death drain in Guitar Hero 3. So, it is definitely Don Juan and Medea for my two texts. Time to finish the Medea block work, methinks, and gather my thoughts about the Don!



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