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Why do I crucify myself? July 26, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in music, OU, Poetry, TMA07, Tori Amos.

Wow! It’s been so long since I’ve listened to Tori Amos, let alone the album Little Earthquakes. I’d forgotten how good it was. I’d forgotten all the memories that comes with it too. Wow! All I can think of now is the start of a poem that I began years ago, that might now need looking at and rewriting because I really liked the first two lines:

Orcs and elves and Tori Amos
Let’s not talk now about my demons

Yep, I still like those lines. Reading them back now, though, and remembering back to the time I wrote them, it’s almost like I lay myself on a slab to be dissected. Eek! I’m sure there was another line in there somewhere that went something like:

Pysychology, Endocrinology
I’ll know you inside out.

Slightly sinister, me thinks!

Hold on… just listening to Silent All These Years… Fantastic! That song still takes my breath away.

So, today is another day of combing the essay. I did a little yesterday, ended up more or less rewriting the conclusion, just to include why the two pieces are still relevant today, taking into account the masculine/feminine attributes and comparing them to modern day cultures. Hmmm, I hope it sounds okay. I’ve just got to make the rest read fluidly now. Maybe I should put some more references in. Not line references, I have enough of those, but references as to where I got the info for the rest of it. Wish I wouldn’t panic so much!


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