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Resuming normal service. August 26, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in F1, Olympics, Sports, tennis, US Open.

It’s been a while, but I am back to my sports blogging. Yes, I know. Olympics. Only the biggest sporting event in the world every four years and I failed to blog. I didn’t feel it necessary as it was on almost 24/7, and if you wanted to know about what was happening you would have watched for yourself! But, I am proud at how team GB fared. Especially in the cycling and sailing. And the swimming. But the Olympics are done and dusted so no blogging about them here.

No, I am back to tennis. Fresh of the heels of Olympic tennis we are now at the US Open at Flushing Meadows. The Brits have only two players in the competition, Andy Murray and Anne Keothavong. But, boo hiss, I cannot watch the matches. No. Eurosport do not have the license to show them. Only Sky does. I don’t have Sky. Bugger! At least the good news is that both players are through to the second round. Yay! Very happy. I will just have to put up with watching the virtual scoreboards on the computer during their matches.

In other sports news… How miffed am I about the European GP at Valencia? The whole pit lane incident with Felipe Massa? The ‘unsafe release’ when he nearly drove into Adrian Sutil? He got away with a 10,000 euros fine. You just know that if that had been a McLaren driver that they would have had at least a drive through or a ten place penalty, have points docked from the constructors championship AND be given a monetary fine. I am just a little bit peeved. Grrrr!

So, that’s the weekend sports review. Today, I shall mostly be writing an essay (I suspect). Especially as the glass walls trapping the essay in the recesses of my mind are now being broken down and essay like sentences are starting to seep from the cracks. Off now to scribble.



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