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1 + 4 = 5 ghosts August 27, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Dreams, TMA08.

Wow! I had the craziest, well not crazy, but messed up dream last night. It started off all well and good, but a relationship breakup set off a strange chase dream.

I was running for my life. Because friends got in the way, they lost their lives and then, all of a sudden, the person doing the chasing disappeared. The next thing I know I am at a house having a meal of undercooked steak and sausages with chips, baked beans and mushy peas – mostly foodstuffs I hate in real life. There are three cards on the table in front of the woman whose house it is. When she takes the plates out, I pick the cards up and read what’s inside them. They are from the bloke who had been chasing me. It is the second card that gets my attention. At the bottom of the card there are two sets of pictures of little stick men with big heads. The first picture shows one little stick man, an equals sign, and “1 ghost“. Underneath it says “Me plus her, alone, in her room.” The second set shows one little stick man, a plus sign, four little stick men, an equals sign, and “5 ghosts“. Underneath it says “Her, plus her friends, if her friends get in the way.” I ask if I can take the cards to make copies (morbid, I know) and give them to boyfriend to pass back. But I forget the boyfriend’s name. The woman’s husband shouts, “Hey, Robinson, get over her. She’s forgotten who you are!” As he says this, I remember his name and say, “Alan. I will pass them back to Alan,” while rolling my eyes at my silly memory.

This isn’t the whole dream, and I know I woke up at least twice during this dream. The first time I woke up I remember thinking, as I fell back to sleep (I was fighting going back to sleep because the dream was at a particularly frightening part), “I can’t let this dream beat me.” Still, it was a pretty harrowing dream, all in all. I wonder what my subconscious was trying to work through?

Well, I think I have about 600 words so far for the essay. But at least it seems to be coming together. If I can remove a Principessa from my shoulders (she is there now, watching Nick Jr.) then I shall get the books out and start writing again. Hopefully, I’ll get the first draft done today.



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