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Brrrrrr…. September 8, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Conversations with Principessa, F1, tennis, The Principessa Files.

Pebble! Yes, I know, some explanation necessary. Nanny was trying to teach Principessa to say rock the other day.

  • Nanny: Rrrrrrrrrock.
  • Princi: Brrrrrrrrr-wock.
  • Nanny: No, rrrrrrrrrock. Put your tongue behind your teeth.
  • Princi: Brrrrrrrr-wock.

A little later, Principessa went to see Nanny again to give her one of the her stones.

  • Princi: There you go Nanny. Brrrrrrrrr-pebble.

That still makes me laugh. She’s a funny Monkey.

On sports news… Woohoo! Andy Murray is in the final of the US Open. He shall be playing Roger Federer tonight, though I doubt I will be awake to bite fingernails ‘watching’ him. (No Sky, virtual scoreboards on the computer.) But I am hopeful of good news in the morning!

As for Formula 1. Well, grrrr. After a fantastic race, the last three laps being the best part of the race, it became all a bit dreary. Lewis Hamilton won the race, but because of an incident with Kimi Raikkonen on the last three laps, or there abouts, Hamilton was stripped of the win and docked 25 seconds. This put him into third place. Now, this is what happened. Lewis attempted to overtake Kimi, but Kimi blocked Lewis, pusing him off the track. Travelling along the inside of the chicane, Lewis overtook Kimi as he corrected himself but, following the rules, he gave the advantage back to Kimi before attempting to overtake ligitmitly, therefore no unfair advantage was gained. He managed to overtake Kimi in the next corner, but Kimi once again overtook Lewis. Unfortunately for Kimi, a little while later he spun the car, crashing into the track wall. It was due to these events that, two hours later, Lewis’s victory was revoked and given to Filipe Massa instead. So, once again, Ferrari are awarded the win. It makes me wonder what the FIA (does that stand for Ferrari Intercompitition Assistance?) has against McLaren. Ho hum. Think it’s time to stop watching F1. Just as it is time to stop watching anything with the term ‘Eurovision’ prefixing the title. It’s all just a load of political bull.

Jumping off the soapbox now.

And House is on, so I can’t be bothered linking everything…. Yes, lazy day today.



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