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Excuse me! September 28, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, Brown-paper boy, OU, writing.

Principessa has a new phrase. It is already driving me nuts. This is how it goes:

  • Me: Time to get ready for bed, babe.
  • Princi: No, it’s still daytime.
  • Me: (slightly irritated) It’s time to get ready for bed.
  • Princi: Excuse me, Mummy, but stop talking at me!

I have no idea where she has picked up the “excuse me”‘s, but it can get infuriating. It was cute the first few times, but no longer! Her cuteness now comes when she sings along to things. And she has definitely inherited the trying to imitate musical sounds from me! I’d never heard the original Pingu tune sung as “Gwig, gwig, gwiggy gwig” before, but that is Principessa’s rendition!

I had a good day scribbling some free writes yesterday. Or was it Friday. Short term memory is on a holiday at the minute, obviously! Anyway… one of the girls on the forum had posted up a really interesting and creative free write titled ‘Platinum girl’. I couldn’t help myself but free write off the back of it, such a brilliant idea it was. A few other people wrote following free writes from my free writes, but I enjoyed writing mine so much that I’m going to put them here too.

Free write the first:

Brown-paper boy watches platinum girl. He sees the sadness in her quicksilver eyes, and longs to smooth her sharp, spiky hair. He dreams aluminium, catching her sparkle in the starlit night. He is not afraid of her rough edges, only of her rejection. His tears wrinkle his crumpled face as she passes by, her delicate, dancing steps tinkling on the footpath. He hides behind his ruffled newspaper, reaching out a russet-leaf hand, praying she will notice him. She glints by, beautifully shiny, although she seems dulled. Pretty, perfect platinum. I will never cut you.

Free write the second:

Brown-paper boy is weary of Grease. He has seen his slick glances as platinum girl, noticed that dark, dirty sneer on those ever-twisted lips. He knows he needs to do something, seeing that Grease is slowly slipping towards her. Unfortunately, brown-paper boy is not Grease-proof. He needs a Fairy Godmother to help him, to keep his hands as soft as… platinum.

Free write the third:

Inky sits next to Newspaper girl. She understands her pain. Grease and Inky just don’t mix. Grease is so dark, Inky would gladly brandish her Lexisword just for him. If only she could influence Newspaper girl. She would provide Newspaper girl with the cut, thrust and parry to bring them all down. She would write herself into the pages of history and into Grease’s evil heart.

And that was that. It was good fun. So now, I suppose it is down to doing some alone-time free writing. See if I can spin any ideas out.



1. phoenixaeon - September 29, 2008

Toe, she’s already had it once, about two weeks ago. Then she had something that disagreed with her last week, though it was coming out of the other end! I don’t know, it makes me wonder if there is something at the school that is causing it.

2. Eviltoe - September 29, 2008

its been going around hun the whole family and mos of my work has had it it will pass get lots of tissues in you will need em for stage 2

3. phoenixaeon - September 28, 2008

You can’t beat a bit of irony!

4. picasso36 - September 28, 2008

Thanks for the comment on OUSA.Do love your when walking tag.Perhaps I shouldn’t considering,but it makes me smile.

5. phoenixaeon - September 28, 2008

The girl who did the platinum girl free write does a fair few free writes (hmm, I’m being a bit alliterate today!), and there are always some really interesting ideas in them. She has a very creative mind, me thinks.

6. picasso36 - September 28, 2008

Great idea platinum girl.Like the last line especially about not being cut but able to feel pain.Think you have taken it a stage further.Think i am Brown paper boy.

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