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Editing… October 24, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, Conversations with Principessa, OU, The Principessa Files, Wordcount, writing.

Yep, I have been editing this evening. I really enjoy the editing. I’ve still got a little to do, as there are some sentences/descriptions I am not happy with. I’m also wondering if I have put enough suspense in. And I’m still struggling to find a title. Bum! Otherwise, I’m happy. Down from a bulky 860ish words to a lovely slim 750 words. Goal! Woohoo!

I finally made it to the bookshop today. Princi and I had fun on the short walk/roll to the entrance, Princi pretending to pull me along. She was quite good while we were there, not running too far away from Grandand and I. She even helped me when I went looking for my writing magazine. Yay! I tell you, she’s getting good with this reading lark! I was most impressed when we went to have our usual drink and she stayed sitting at the table. The only thing I was a bit grrr about was that I forgot to look for Brisingr as we left, the thought totally disappearing from my head as I looked for the Aerosmith edition of Guitar Hero. Ho hum. Seive for a brain.

On other Princi news, she has now integrated the disgruntled ‘What?’ into her vocabulary. For example:

Nanny: If you break your computer it will take you a hundred years to pay for a new one!

Princi: What? A hundred years?


Me: Do you want some chocolate milk?

Princi: What? Chocolate milk? No! But yes please.

She uses this at least twice a day. It makes me laugh every time.

Anyhows, time for Jonathan Ross.



1. picasso36 - October 25, 2008

Good on you,mine is still just scribbles on my notebook.Bloody kids turned up today.Niece and nephew that is.Kind of their mother to inform us.So yesterday my big day of writing/editing was reduced to a big fat zero.nan had me chasing my tail,and my licience still hasn’t come back.It was waiting for a signature from the chief,that was two and a half weeks ago.Got a competition starting in two which will give me bugger all prep time with my new gun.Grrrrrr.On the plus side had a bloody weird dream last night involving trains and it has given me idea fir a story.Plus I have another idea for BPB,but that is on back burner till after the tma.
Now,apparently I MUST get off my laptop as Lucy NEEDS to go on barbie girls.com. Ho hum.

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