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Samhain November 1, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in F1, Films, Halloween.

Well, for Halloween, it was a fairly quiet night. Only one bunch of kids knocked on the door to trick or treat. It was the first year that no eggs were thrown at the houses in the Green. (It sounds almost idyllic that, the houses in the Green. It’s not, I assure you.) All in all, a relatively ordinary night. *Phew*

I decided, as it was supposed to be a scary night, to watch a horror film. I clicked onto Filmflex and had a look through the new releases. Two films took my attention; Skinwalkers (a werewolfy one) and Shutter (a remake of a Thai film). I was in the mood for werewolves, so I clicked on Skinwalkers. What a mistake! A truly awful film! It was so cliched, the plot revolving around a prophecy coming to fruition under a blood moon and two warring factions of wolfies – those who felt cursed and those who felt gifted. Blah blah blah. And the wolfy make-up… So bad! They tried to make the werewolves far too humanoid, they looked like poor representations of werewolves. I can’t believe I sat through the whole film, an hour and a half I’ll never get back! But, I’d paid for the film so I had to sit it out. Just like the Bore Witch. But Skinwalkers was no where near as bad as the Bore Witch. Dagnamit, maybe I should have dug out Del Toro’s The Devils Backbone. I’m not usually scared by horror films, but the only time I’ve tried to watch The Devil’s Backbone I had to turn it off because it was freaking me out! No idea why. Ah well.

So, this weekend it is the end of the F1 season, with Lewis Hamilton on the verge of being the youngest champion in F1 history (until the next one comes along). We all know he only needs to finish 5th to do it, but what’s the betting that someone will take him out just so Massa can win? I’d love to see Hamilton win the championship, but I have a feeling that it’s not going to be a fair race. We shall see…



1. picasso36 - November 1, 2008

I think Alonso is the danger man,and you know my opinion of him.Got a feeling something technical will decide the race and an unusual decision from the stewards may seal his fate.Hope not.If he wins I wonder if our own media will stop slagging him off.What a great place we live in.
On the werewolf note have you heard “Werewolves of London”by Warren Zevon?It’s on Youtube.The lyrics are hilarious.
thought you looked quite good as Catherine tate although I didn’t have a decent pic of me for Tennant.Have a look at faceinhole.com,think you could have loads of fun inserting princi into Wonder Women etc.

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