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And after the post about gaming yesterday… November 13, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Evilness, Guitar Hero on Tour, Wii games.

I am very much looking forward to tomorrow. Well, hopefully tomorrow, because if not it will be Saturday. I should be receiving Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii. Woohoo! And I shall give the microphone to Princi and tell her to go forth and rock! I am so excited! I am hoping that, in about a year, I will be able to explain the priciples of the game to her and she will sit and listen, and then we can play together. Heee. I can’t wait!

Now, for something completely different… What is going on in the world today? I feel physically sick when I hear stories like this one. And this one. Not to mention this and this (the trial for this mother started yesterday), even though they are not as ‘local’. I just can’t get my head around it. How can anyone do that to a child? It’s not like they can protect themselves, not at that age (although there is a possibility of it when they are older and there is a gun in the house). How evil do you have to be to get your kicks from kicking a baby? A baby. People like that shouldn’t be allowed to live. Especially when the person is the mother (or the father). I really don’t care what problems they have, they have taken the life of their own kid. It turns my stomach. It makes me so angry that I’m losing my capacity to even type about it anymore. So I’m going to leave it there. My increased ability to seethe adds negative multipliers to my ability to write coherently.

Besides, I’ve just been distracted by the testing of Princi’s Christmas pressie.

He is so cool!



1. skippy - November 14, 2008

it’s disgusting isn’t it? I always tell my religious friends that I have no reason to believe in a god when a god can let that happen to a child. They cite “the devil” but what did a 3 week old kid do to “be involved with the devil” it’s frikkin galling. I see people who have kids and lose them, and who want kids but can’t have them, then you have scumbags pushing kids out in to the world for everyone else to pay for that they couldn’t give a crap about. How does it work? Wrong. All wrong. I’m with you picasso, I’d happily do time to hurt people like that.

2. picasso36 - November 13, 2008

Hard to believe isn’t? No kids myself as you know,don’t seem to be very paternal.Strange people always say I am good with kids.I digress.
WTF is wrong with these people,if you don’t want kids don’t have them(like me)Even I find these stories heartbreaking.What would I do to these people,well I dare not say in a public forum.Severe is an understatement,but it would be painful,long and protracted.In fact it would mirror what they have done.
The Shannon matthews story gets me.Drugging and kidnapping your own daughter to make money.Typing this my head is going red with anger.Pikey,chav,scum.
I imagine a situation if someone did something to princi or Lucy/Daniel in my case.Quite frankly I would not stop and no doubt I would go to prison-gladly.The crazy thing is they would probably get off stating some “problems.” Problems? They would have problems if I got hold of them.So,I go to prison,they get off-the crazy thing is 99.99% of the country would be on my side and say they got what they deserved. Bloody country!

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