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Can I play, Mum? November 13, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Nintendo DS, The Principessa Files.

Written yesterday, but for some reason it didn’t publish.


After writing the other day about passing my gaming addiction onto Princi, I have just read this article. Depriving kids of their digital birthright? Well, I’m sorry. That is silly. Kids can’t be deprived of digital when it is everywhere in the home. TV, computer, radio, whatever. Even if a parent was to say no to a games console, all they would be depriving their kids of would be a games console. They can go and play games on the computer. In the words of Timon and Puumba, hakuna matata.

Anyway. Onto the point. I was playing with the idea of getting Princi a DS of her own. Then I thought, why? All she would do would be to play DS and watch TV. So, I have decided that by letting her use my DS I can control the amount of time she plays on it, meaning that I can get her to do other, more active things. It also means that I am not depriving her of her ‘digital birthright'(!) while allowing her to sit with me and play games that will help educate her (I have ordered a Learn Japanese game and a maths game for her today). I think that is a great compromise.



1. phoenixaeon - November 13, 2008

I agree about childhood being more idyllic. Messing about in the back yard, climbing the trees and catching frogs, cutting off slim branches and debarking them to make arrows, chopping thicker branches to make bows. Fantastic times. Kids these days seem to have lost a lot of that. Saying that, over the last two years a bunch of kids have been nosing around catching frogs, but would it even surprise you to know the reason and the fate of the frogs? I doubt it. What are people teaching kids now? I think, now Princi is much better behaved when we go out, I’ll have to take her on some nature walks, though I’ll probably scream at the spiders!

2. picasso36 - November 13, 2008

Seems a good compromise,after all we do live in a digital world.Sure our grandparents would tell us how they had a ball of string and a stick to keep them occupied!
I remember my childhood,it was more idylic,climbing trees etc,but the world was different then.In someways better perhaps.You have to either embrace technology or not.Some may complain about kids watching TVor playing with a DS,but they neglect to mention the medical/scientific advances.Can’t have it both ways can we?Balance and compromise are the watchwords here methinks.

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