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Of habits and good intentions. November 19, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, OU, The Principessa Files, writing.

This morning I found myself absent-mindedly eating my Coco Pops like I did when I was little. I skimmed the Coco Pops off the milk after leaving them to diffuse the choclatey into the milk, and then drank the Coco Pops-free milkshake. I don’t know, I’m strange. But that’s a habit I never kicked, it’s almost an automatic eating Coco Pops action. At least it’s an innocuous habit.

And good intentions. No, not the Toad The Wet Sprocket song. I had all good intentions of getting up this morning and doing loads of writing, but sleep deprivation due to having been kicked around the bed by a four year old has put paid to any plans. Brain is too mulchy. I am hoping that I suddenly have a burst of wakefulness later on so that I can carry on with P1, and get P2 on the go.

Well, today is pink day in Princi’s school. Here is a picture of her without the school uniform:

Pink day at school.

Pink day at school.

And as it was pink day, she even had the chance to wear her pink pirate pumps and take Craze into school. Princi was a happy bunny this morning!



1. skippy - November 19, 2008

hahaha I was gonna say I can’t imagine what kinda merry hell parents of little boys (and non pink wearing girls) would have trying to get their kids to school!

2. phoenixaeon - November 19, 2008

No, lol! The kids have the choice of wearing something of the colour of the week or their uniform. They can also take a toy or something pink in too. When they had brown week Princi took a box of brownies in for the class.

3. skippy - November 19, 2008

They make the boys wear pink too?

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