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Brace yourself. Time for Geeksomeness! November 23, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Doctor Who, Merlin.
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Merlin. Last night. Apart from being a good story (yes, I know. I was disgusted with it when it first started, totally shredding and chucking the original Arthurian mythology out of the window, but I’ve since just enjoyed it as Arthurian fanfic.), it starred Alexander Siddig as Kanen, the villain of the story. Most peeps will know Siddig as Dr Julian Bashir from Star Trek: DS9, but he’s also played fantastic characters on Spooks and 24. But that’s going away from the thought that entered my head last night.

OK, so I know that Patterson Joseph is being pegged as the next Doctor, with much more speculation since this, but taking into account the amount of actor crossover from DW to Merlin, and the subsequent cropping up of Mr Siddig… Can you see where I’m going? I think he would play a fantastic Doctor Who. So in light of my previous captaining of Stephen Fry, whom I am sure will not be DW to my disappointment, I am now captaining Alexander Siddig. Who knows, maybe other Star Trek actors might filter in… Wil Wheaton as the Master, anyone? It’s about time he was evil! Or, oh, oh, Patrick Stewart (again with links to Merlin, although not the TV show… Stewart played Leondegrance in the film Excalibur)… He would make an insanely evil Master, me thinks, although there is speculation of him guest starring, or maybe taking up the Doctor mantle… (Although how much stock you want to put in that report is up to you. The Sun isn’t exactly known for its reliability now, is it?)



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