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Again with the unwell. December 3, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, OU, sick Principessa, The Principessa Files, The problem with writing is that I can get to the end before I finish writing, Wordcount, writing.
I'm just a little bit sick.

I'm just a little bit sick!

Not me this time. Poor ickle Princi is feeling slightly worse for wear. She’s had a cough for a while, she went to the docs about that last week, but last night she started getting a temperature. She’s still got the temperature this morning, and is all a bit grumpy and demanding (when is that any different?!), so she is at home, snuggled under her Dr Who quilt, playing on her laptop on the couch. Poor babe.

As for me, I have an upcoming fight with four hundred words to contend with. But once that’s done, I’ll have sorted aonther story out. OK, the editing needs to be done, but at least they’ll be down on screen/paper/memstick. Then I can have a rest, and spend a week reading stuff. I have so much to read. I’ve started Watchmen. If I ever get through that tome of a book, I will then read Day of the Triffids, followed by Twilight. I’m going to see the film on Christmas Eve, so I thought I’d best read the damn book, so I can huff and puff at the inadequacies of the film! Only joking. Although I have been told off for doing that on a few occassions! I can’t help it!

Ah well. Time to get writing. At least I know what the final destination of the story is, it’s just getting there on the wordy toll road.



1. picasso36 - December 3, 2008

Hmmm,the dark spectre of illness rears its ugly head again.Hope she feels better soon.

Going to take your advice.I don’t have enough structure in my life so work an hour then paint an hour.

Had a quick read through BRB poetry bit-this could be easy or very very hard.Guessing I will find it hard.

Oh well,the plan for today.
1.Edit for one hour.
2.Finish your painting.
3.Do some exercises in BRB.
4.Start drawing of Kurt Cobain.
5.Cook,clean,wash and be a good grandson.

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