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Smackdown! December 9, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in A103, A215, OU, Sick again.

Well, whatever it is that Princi has, I now have it. I am full of the lurgy. So sick! Again! Too much of the illness this year. Still, it has it’s advantages. I’m getting some BRB work done, thanks to Princi spending time with Nanny. She’s still not wellenough to go to school. The cough is still keeping her awake at nights, as it is me now!

On the good news front, I passed A103. Not as perfectly as I would have wanted, with a top mark, but with an average of 81%. I suppose that’ll have to be good enough, though I wish I could’ve just reached that 85% mark. Let’s hope my marks get better for A215, seeing as they actually do matter towards the level of the degree.

Anyway, a coughing fit awaits, and I need to do some more BRB and some editing. If I feel well enough tomorrow I’ll be back on my computer (have pinched Princi’s to do this) and typing up my edits. Then it’s just preparing the commentary and passing the story on to be read, so I can get some perspective on what is good and bad.



1. picasso36 - December 9, 2008

Good to pass isn’t it.Your mark is great,really 85% is very hard to achieve.I didn’t.I know you set your standards high but remember we are doing this at home,alone,with minimul support.Imagine you were in Uni every day,discussing things with your peers.Plus something that can hold you up for days at home can be resolved in minutes at Uni.All things considering I think we have done bloody well.Wish we could have a tutorial every week.I reckon our scores would go up 10% easy.Personally things sink in better when I see them or talk to people.When learning,reading is my least favourite option.
Not managed any work,we are having terrible problems with the company who have won the tender for nans care.They are due at 7.30am to wash her etc.10.30 before they turned up.No breakfast,medication,wet through.Tis bad.Certain things we do,well all of them after she is up but she worries so much she wont eat till she is up and clean.Ho hum.
Hope your bed is warm and snuggly,enjoy BRB.Got to start cooking now and then I am shooting then going the pub,so big day is needed with the books tomorrow.
Oh,and nan has the same as you and princi,not good at 93.
Get well soon,you must be due a whiskey and chocolate binge.

phoenixaeon - December 9, 2008

Yikes, sounds like your poor nan is having a bad week. It’s terrible when you have to depend on others to help, I know that! I hope she gets over the flu-y coldy thing soon, definitely not good at 93.

To tell you the truth, I’m doing much better on the OU course than I did on my brick uni course. But then, science is a bit different to humanities, and far less predictable! And I’m enoying the OU more too. I don’t feel as pressured either. For some reason it doesn’t feel as immediate… And I don’t have to go outside in all weathers for lectures!

Bed has varied between Siberia and the Bahamas. Right now I’m temperate!

Well, for reasons I wont go into, I am giving up choccie. It will be better for me healthwise. Now I’m off to have a raspberry, cranberry and elderflower tea with some lemon and echinacia honey. Yum! (And it is yum, that wasn’t sarcasm!)

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