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Out with the old… December 23, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Tidying up..

In the midst of the Great Tidy Up, paring down Princi’s toys ready for the new intake. Damn Christmas! Especially when huge dead spiders are to be found within the realm of broken toys. Eugh! Problem now is that I’m trapped by rubbish bags and toy storage units and I need the loo! So no imitations of dripping taps, OK?

We finally got a Christmas tree today, although it is still in it’s box. A 6 footer. Never had a big tree, always had little 4 footers, and they sat in the corner on a decorated box. But it was a bargain at £25, so at least there will be a little magic, not as subdued as I thought it might have been, for Princi.  She’s playing impatient Annie at the mo, she wants it up and decorated… like NOW! She’ll have to wait. Stuff to do first.

It’s going to be a busy old day tomorrow. Melanie and Nat are visiting in the morning, have to pop the shops to buy Princi’s Christmas clothes in the afternoon, and then it’s off to the cinema to see Laura and swap pressies in the evening.  Busy, busy, busy. And then, after I get home from the cinema and get Princi to bed (no doubt she’ll still be awake), I have to finish wrapping pressies and get things sorted for Christmas Day. At least it’s got my mind occupied. I’ve still got to find time to finish editing the story too, as I’ve let that slip with all that’s been going on. Ho hum!

Off to tame the jungle of toys.



1. picasso36 - December 23, 2008

Wahey,approval.Amazing how many people are having bad runs up to chrimbo.maybe it’s age but it does bugger all for me except pile on the work and stress.think I will give them all an iceland packet chrimbo meal.It would be worth it just to see their faces.
Didn’t know you had a sister.I have never understood why people are walked on,people who try it with me get shown the door so quickly.i really have little tolerance if people don’t give me respect.It’s a two way street after all.
Strangely,as i am typing and realiseing I am not the only miserable bugger has had thew effect of cheering me up.
Ho hum,it will all be over before we know it.

2. picasso36 - December 23, 2008

Sounding better Ally.Hope chrimbo treats you well.Thanks for the card-clever girl.of course I never thought to do the same.Typical bloke I’m afraid.
You know how i feel about food and i can be somewhat anal.Anyway don’t worry about the sugar so much,it’s the other sh*t that makes them hyper.A naturel product with sugar is far better than a low/no sugar packaged option.
Tma.God help me,still need to write the commentry and finish editing.
Well,I am always Bah Humbug at chrimbo.Apart from looking after nan,cooking home -made food,attempting to paint for prezzies and do a degree I have all the time in the world.Certain people seem to put upon me greatly,so got housework and every other chore to do while they sit on their arse.Seems to be conveniently forgotton I am ill.
Bloody hell asked one thing that is while you are in Tesco get something for tea,which i will cook beautifully,serve,wash-up,then bring you a brew.oh no,can’t be arsed.So now off to Tesco.Bloody christmas!!!
Glad you are sounding better,hope Santa brings loads of nice goodies.

phoenixaeon - December 23, 2008

Don’t talk to me about the TMA. Still have to finish editing and write commentary too. Feeling very ‘it can all bugger off’.

No. Still not Christmassy. Now I am feeling stressed. There is still too much to do and too little time. Feeling very ‘it can all bugger off’ with that too. At least the toy sorting is done, just got to put the stuff that’s being kept into a storage basket. Pah!

Hope your Christmas gets better. I’m hoping ours goes OK, my sister has her (expletive deleted) boyfriend coming round for Christmas dinner. He is making her life miserable, like she needs that at the moment.

3. skippy - December 23, 2008

Oh fun! I don’t envy you that one! Sound like you have a lovely day planned tomorrow though so I hope you get to enjoy at least some of it in between putting trees up, clearing toys and the cinema.

I just wanted to say have a good day as I probably won’t be around after today. I hope it’s better than you expect it to be and I hope Santa brings you something good as well.

Love and hugs
Skip, Al and Bean xxx

phoenixaeon - December 23, 2008

You’ve got it to look forward to! When I told Princi what we were doing today she said ‘No, don’t throw my toys away!’ Grrr! I had to ask her if she wanted new toys, then she decided it was OK to throw the old, broked toys out. Still got a toybox to go through! How can a four year old have so much stuff?

Have a fun Christmas 🙂 I’m not expecting much as I made deals with peeps to say that I have given them money and to assume that they had given me money. Makes it easier on everyone 🙂 Especially with the cost of funerals and flowers. I tell you, death is a lucrative business.

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