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And relax… December 30, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, BtVS, Films, TMA02.

So the ends have been put. Final. Done.

I raised a snowball to toast Flo last night. It was her drink, and the first alcohol I can remember ever partaking in – at Christmas in my Nan’s with Flo when I was about 8.

I wrapped up TMA02 yesterday. I re-jigged the commentary to fit things in that I had forgotten about, it’s quite hard analysing the story and decisions I had taken into a neat package of 500 words, but I did it! I don’t know how convincingly, but it’s done. I read over the story after I had submitted it to the system, and stared in horror at mistakes that I am sure were not there beforehand. Thankfully, I know that my tutor is not picking up the TMAs until the 5th, so I corrected and re-submitted. Phew. Now I can start reading the poetry sections in the BRB. It’s scary to think that I’m nearly half way through the course.

Yes, I know I haven’t mentioned Twilight. It was a total non-event. It was uncomfortable to watch, and seemed to be an embarrassed film. It was cringe worthy. I don’t like not enjoying films, but it was awful. The only good part in it was the hunter vampire James, because he provided some action and a welcome distraction from the forced, self-conscious Edward-Bella story. It is definitely a story that works better in a book than on film, but I suppose that is true for most adaptations.

Anyway, going to watch Buffy repeats.



1. picasso36 - December 30, 2008

The end of a year,the end of an era.Glad TMA is done,it is really good now,not that it wasn’t before.The reflection works really well now and somehow enhanced the story.
A nice tribute to Flo,a snowball seems fitting somehow.don’t really have memories like that of mum and dad,lots of little things,but suppose a pint or a vodka and tonic conjures the same memories.Although Dad did go to college to learn to become an Indian chef and I do still follow his recipe for Madras.
Lets hope 2009 is a good one for us both.I intend to write a review of ’08,there has been some positives.got a feeling though it will make me write down things I know are wrong in my life and possibly make me address them.perhaps that’s a good thing.
Have a relaxing night tomorrow.

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