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The slings and arrows of outrageously bad TV. January 4, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in 14902994, BtVS, Demons.
//www.itv.com/drama/cult/demons/galleries/default.html) Yes, the show is as bad as theis picture.

Demons (from http://www.itv.com/drama/cult/demons/galleries/default.html) Yes, the show is as bad as this picture.

I was really looking forward to it. With Buffy and Angel only being repeats and Doctor Who only being aired in specials, I was really looking forward to ITV’s Demons. I hadn’t read anything about it so I could enjoy the newness of the series, and have the plot unfold without me knowing what was to come. More fool me! It was far too predictable, and badly written to boot.

Yes. The advert totally hooked me in, and although I was anticipating that it wasn’t going to be fantastic, I was hoping that it was at least going to have something good to it. But no. It didn’t have any redeeming features. As for being the British Buffy… er, no! Simply no. It tried hard to be Buffy, trying to add in pop culture quotes and the like, but the script = bad. Philip Glenister cannot deliver a line, and the bad American accent? Don’t even get me started. The premise of the series is also very bad. At least with Buffy you knew what you were getting – Vampire Slayer. It’s not like that with Demons. It’s more to do with vamps thand demons, and it’s all covered in really bad subterfuge. I mean, come on! The dubious writing on the back of the photos and the initials V.H.? If it’s about vampires – or as they call them ‘Inhumans’ – what else could V.H. stand for? And then a character called Mina Harker? Oh. My. Gosh. And to top it all off, the argument about Van Helsing being a fictional character and Bram Stoker stealing identities to write Dracula. Oh, and the ‘Watcher’ dude is called Rupert Galvin. Just a little bit close to Rupert Giles, dotcha think? And what is their base of operations? Only a huge, underground library that they call ‘The Stacks’. Awful. Truly awful.

Disappointed, I am. Weak scripts, weak characters, weak idea. But if they want to make something that’s in the same vein as Buffy, no pun intended, then maybe the writers should at least study up and learn how to create the clever, witty, entertaining programme that Joss Whedon delivered. I’m not saying it should be a carbon copy, but this is so far away from the status of being comparative to Buffy that it is hardly worth wasting any more breath on. *Sigh*



1. picasso36 - January 4, 2009

She is.Quite a groovy chick she is.Yours sounds like [redacted],hence her not understanding aural confectionary.
Look on my page,her name is [redacted].Guessing she is about 30ish.

2. picasso36 - January 4, 2009

Ha,maybe a career move is in order.
I tell you what worries me.My tutors Facebook status atm is “I am in love with Robert Pattinson”

phoenixaeon - January 4, 2009

Your tutor is on Facebook?

3. picasso36 - January 4, 2009

So I am guessing you didn’t like it!!!!!!!!

phoenixaeon - January 4, 2009

I’ve got to learn how these secret things work… You can read me like a blog! 😀

phoenixaeon - January 4, 2009

Ha! and look at this… Do you remember what I said about the casting of Matt Smith being like choosing a reject from Twilight? This is what was said about the casting of the main character in Demons… Just goes to show I can recognise trends!

Cooke follows the trend for pale, lean, dark haired, brooding young men – as also seen in vampiric smash hit Twilight (with 22-year-old British actor Robert Pattinson) which saw teenage girls defying the critics and rushing to cinemas. (From http://blogs.coventrytelegraph.net/thegeekfiles/2009/01/more-young-blood-in-sci-fi-wit.html

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