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Crazy.. January 10, 2009

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This damn allergy thing is driving me nuts. Yep, still suffering with it. There are days it’s not so bad, but today it is wreaking vengence on me. Argh! ITCHY!

Princi has had her first invite to go to a birthday party. She is off this afternoon with her Uncle Gaz to the local Legion to attend said birthday party. Yay! Four hours free time! I would have been going with her had it not been for the fact that I am doing a special dance, the one that looks like I’m being eaten by ants!

Not getting very far with this poetry lark. Now that I absolutely must write poems, any inkling I had for it has disappeared! I have lost all poetic aspects of my thinking, and by gosh, do lines on blank pages intimidate me right now! I think I may need to plunder some poems, just to get the brain on the right wavelength. I tell you, the lights are on, but there’s nobody home. Stupid head!



1. picasso36 - January 10, 2009

Ha,the allergy is driving you nuts!!That made me laugh-sorry.Intentional or not.Food related?it is responsible for a lot of allergys.If your Dr is decent you may be able to be tested.
i woke up positive yesterday,then achieved nothing.like you I am struggling and don’t seem to build up the interest/motivation.Will perhaps mess around with that villanelle today.After all that would be half the TMA.After that God only knows.Tried iambic pentameter-it’s bloody hard and to keep a rhyme scheme and make it a good poem.Don’t think I can manage that at this stage.A step too far.
Hope you get your mojo back.Hope we get our results to,lots seem to have already recieved them.

phoenixaeon - January 10, 2009

I don’t think it is a food allergy. Or, at least, I hope it isn’t.

I’m not expecting my results back until just before the two week end of marking date. I think that’s how it’s going to go for me on this course. Since deciding on that, I’m not even thinking about the result.

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