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Stray cat strut. February 4, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, Cats, New Moon, OU, Twilight.
Cats Chorus by Louis Wain

Cat's Chorus by Louis Wain

In all my years of cat ownership, I had never, ever heard a cat’s chorus. Cat fights, cats in season, cats playing, but never a chorus. Until this morning. There was two or three of the feral cats out the front, one of them possibly Molly-cat’s best cat buddy whom we have called Romeo, sounding like they’d been out on the ale all night singing drunken bum songs! What a racket! I so wished I had the cartoon boot to throw at them.

I am giving the poetry a break today. I am going to read New Moon, the sequel to Twilight instead. Don’t know why I’m putting myself through it, and I am quickly coming to the conclusion that I’m not a fan of Stephenie Meyer’s writing style. I didn’t much enjoy Twilight, and so far New Moon feels just as superficial, although it does seem to have a better story. But I’ve started the damn series now, so I have to finish it as I don’t often give up on a book (or set of books) once I’ve started reading. Compulsion to read is a bitch! Maybe I should be reading the BRB instead, but I am practicing TMA avoidance at the mo!



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