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What do you do? February 8, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in The Principessa Files, Uncategorized.

So this morning, Princi was in one of her not listening moods. Everything I asked her to do, she did the opposite. Argh! It got to the point where I shouted at her, and that just achieves nothing. Stupid me. So I told her that I wouldn’t listen to her if she wouldn’t listen to me or her Nanny and Grandand. Then she sat in the middle of the floor, playing with some coins and said:

What is your fascination with this problem?

Huh? Where in the hell did she get that from? Has she been reading books for teenagers when I’ve been asleep? I swear, she’s four going on fourteen. I can’t believe I have Kevin the teenager in the body of a four year old!



1. picasso36 - February 8, 2009

Ha,I don’t envy you one bit Ally.However look on the brightside at least she is coming out with lucid rational remarks.
Last week,family sat around,kids,grandparents etc etc.Daniel who is five was playing on his DS and lost a game of Super Mario.
‘F*uckin’ hell’ he shouts.Pin drop…

phoenixaeon - February 8, 2009

Oh, Princi has done that too. It drives me up the wall. I have to tell people off for swearing around her, because she just soaks it in and when she’s ready she wrings it all back out again. Point in case (though not offensive): last night she was playing word games with Nanny and all of a sudden she started bringing up the little bit of French she knows. When Nanny looked at her and said ‘la montgolfier’, Princi giggled and said ‘I’m not a hot air balloon’! She knows too much!

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