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Repetitive. February 9, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in Breaking Dawn, Eclipse, Midnight Sun, Poetry.

I finished reading Eclipse, the third in the Twilight saga, yesterday. It was marginally better than the first two, even though the writing hadn’t improved much. At least the mentions of Edward’s perfectly white, icy cold, hard as stone skin had calmed down. Only problem – it was replaced by Jacob’s fantastically hot, russet coloured skin. Oh, and that’s hot in the sense of hot to touch. Oh, and then there was the hole in Bella. Oh gosh, did that get boring. Repetition is good, in its place, but Meyer over-uses it. Every single page is the same, with tiny little differences.

So, even though the repetition was driving me nuts, if I’d have had Breaking Dawn to hand I would have started reading it. But I didn’t, so instead I started reading the partial draft of Midnight Sun that is on Meyer’s website. This one is written from Edward’s POV,  and do you know, not much better. The only thing I see is that now I wouldn’t even sympathise with his character. And that it would have been a way to make money off the rewritten contents of the first book. Talk about a steal.


On things other than perfect vampires and their not-so-perfect girlfriends, I’m going nowhere with the poetry. I’ve not even thought about it for the last four days. I’ve been feeling too blah, too down, to concentrate. I seriously need a mental kick to get me moving again, but I seem to have caught myself on mental barbed wire.

Hmph. Definitely not myself at the minute.



1. picasso36 - February 9, 2009

Mmmm,a bugger isn’t it.Also seemed to have lost my MOJO.In fact I am still in bed.Although I do like poetry I think it’s something to revisit when we are not under time constraints.I just can’t get the ECA deadlines out of my head.or rather three weeks for TMA05 then ECA due.Worried is an understatement.The BRB should be good as a reference manual And think i will try to write in the summer.Have decided both poems can go no further the way I feel at the moment.This week is ECA prep.Also have decided Unless I paint my brain qont let go.So,starting a painting today,hopefully release some of the tension and get me off the barbed wire you so eloquently talked about.Have a piece of your mental chocolate and I will have a mental pizza.

phoenixaeon - February 9, 2009

Don’t you think you’ve had enough pizza lately? :p

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