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It was all too nice. February 14, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in The Principessa Files, Twilight.

And so I’m done with the Twilight saga. Read all the books. And do you know what conclusion I came too? It was all too nice. No-one died. Well, of course peeps, or should I say vamps, died but no-one of any consequence died. It was all ‘bad’ vamps or vamps that betrayed the main characters. Not one of the main characters carked it. (I mean, you can’t include Bella. She ‘died’ to be ‘reborn’ into the super-vamp. Urgh! Talk about an ugly duckling complex.) You need to kill one main character off, just to tug at some heartstrings. And for me, that proves that the writer cares about the characters. But at least I’m done with it and I am freed from the chains of reading a series. But it really is time to read something more interesting.


As for Princi, LRRH is no more. The cape now makes her a superhero. A superhero that crashes into things. Crazy child! She makes me laugh, she does! I wonder when I’ll ever get the cape off her now, she seems pretty attached to it . (Even though it’s full of snot after yesterday. Thankfully the runny nose has cleared up.)



1. skippybird - February 15, 2009

hmm you may never get the cape off her. My mate Kev’s little boy has lived in his batman outfit since Halloween. Kev said that he even insists on wearing it under his clothes to go to school so they had to bribe him into not by explaining that at school he was batman’s alter ego and he needed to keep it secret otherwise everyone would know. hehehehe!

phoenixaeon - February 15, 2009

Oh, I think for now I’m okay. She hasn’t even bothered with her cape today.

2. picasso36 - February 14, 2009

just re-read it.”Poison” Still like it.

3. picasso36 - February 14, 2009

Well im glad she is a superhero and glad I put a ‘P’ on her chest.
Just settling down with my prezzie “Eroticism and art” by Alyce Mahon.Will look at the A215 poem.I like the one on here about a rival girlfriend.Not looked at it from a technical POV but it reads great.:)

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