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Such a gluten… February 17, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in A shortcut to mushrooms, Mysterious allergies.

Last night, I got a little bit hungry. Skidaddles offered to do some mushrooms on toast, and being akin to Hobbits, I did not refuse the scrumptious mushies. After going to mushroom heaven I suddenly popped up in blotchy redness. Now, this isn’t as bad as it sounds. I don’t think it was the mushrooms I was allergic to, but the bread. I’ve not eaten any bread for a while, whereas I eat mushrooms lots. So it is possible that I have an allergy to wheat. Hmph. Tis a good job I bought gluten free soba noodles last time I shopped at Japancentre. *Phew*

Anyhoos, off now to peruse the BRB and write a kick-ass commentary!



1. picasso36 - February 17, 2009

Good on ya.Give the commentry some stick.I intend to do the same,when I get my lazy ass out of bed.
Seems loads of people are having problems with gluten.Was tested but it came back negative.Having said tthat a friend who suffers from celiac disease was tested three times before it came back positive.
Still trying to lose weoght and getting nowhere,drives me mad.What do you use in place of bread?I find I eat some bread every day,even if it’s just toast or a sandwich for a snack.Trouble is it’s a carb(I don’t get enough exercise)Ashamed to say I am struggling to find a snack that I like without it.Not ordered my stuff yet from the Japan centre,still got a few shooting related bits to get.Can’t wait though,that recipe of yours makes me drool!

phoenixaeon - February 17, 2009

I don’t use anything as a sub for bread. I just don’t bother eating it! Saying that though, the pumpkin seed ryvita is a good sub, and isn’t as cardboardy as the normal stuff. It’s weird that it seems to be bread that does this, as I don’t seem to have a problem with cous cous. Hmmm. Maybe my body is just having field day with me, and playing up like a kid in a tizzy-fit because it wants too.

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