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Blast from the past. February 20, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in ER, music.

Ah. Starting to feel more like the old me. That is such a good thing, as I’ve been stuck in some weird stasis for the past five years, since things broke down with Princi’s Dad. I just stopped doing everything I enjoyed (except watching tennis, which was a pleasure I rediscovered) and became a bit of a wreck. I stopped listening to music, stopped playing computer games, and even lost interest in reading for a while. But these things have slowly been edging themselves back into my life over the last few years. I am now back to reading voraciously. I play games on the Wii whenever I get a spare second, or when Princi asks me to play Guitar Hero so she can headbang along with the songs (mad babes!). And I think it’s the influence of Guitar Hero that has pushed music back towards me. But I’m glad it did.

Last night, I decided to bring the iPod speakers downstairs so I could listen to some music while preparing the soup base for the miso soup. When ‘Walking By Myself’ by Gary Moore started playing I couldn’t help but smile as I was thrown back to really good memories of the 147 pool club back in the 90’s. And then Princi made the song new again by running into the kitchen to dance to it. I love my little munchkin!I felt like me again, and it was all good 😀

And then ER was a blast from the past too. I had wondered how they were going to get Dr. Green back into it. The flashback scenario really should have occurred to me. But the episode was fab, and it was like watching ER of olde! Great stuff!

Anyhoos, back to my time-slip.



1. skippy - February 20, 2009

Welcome back 😉

phoenixaeon - February 20, 2009

Thankee hon 🙂 xx

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