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Jim’ll fix it for you… February 24, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in Bog209, Happy learning Principessa.

Well, I don’t know if his name is Jim, but the engineer is coming round later to repair/replace Bog209. Yay!

After Princi’s reading performance at school yesterday, her teacher has started her on a reading scheme. She has been given a book to read at home today, and she has to tell me what she enjoyed about it, if anything, and I have to say what she has had difficulty with. I’m so glad that the teacher feels she needs to encourage Princi now. The teacher is so enthusiastic that she’s worried that Princi will be going to a different school next year. If only I had the money to send her to the school I want her to go to, there wouldn’t be a second thought of sending her somewhere else.



1. picasso36 - February 24, 2009

Brillint Ally.Well chuffed for you.I know lucy is similar,a school full of pikeys but kids seem to learn if they want to.Sure she will be fine.Remember my dad winning a scholarship to Merchant Taylors but couldn’t go because of all the other associated costs.Bit of a bugger money eh.Good news on bog209.
still jot had a fag-gasping now i must admit.Got to drive this afternoon,that will be a test.Like a smoke whilst driving.maybe I will concentrate on the road instead.

phoenixaeon - February 24, 2009

Princi loves books and words. She has done since she was tiny. But yes, I agree, kids learn if they want to, and it sounds like you’re quite proud of your niece!
The first three days are supposed to be the hardest when giving the cigs up, so keep it up. You’re doing well 🙂

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