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Feeling I’ve been lost for years… March 9, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, Life writing, TMA04.

Life writing. *Slump*

Not getting on with the life writing. It is depressing. The Stephen King book has boosted me somewhat, but it’s still not enough. Even thinking about life writing sends a shudder of terror through me. I feel completely underwhelmed, and I am entirely unimpressed with myself. This shouldn’t be as hard as it’s feeling right now.

I am beating my brains for useable material. I think I have something, but I need to do a little bit of research (yes, even though it is my own life, I need to do research) just to get the chronology of the events right. They seem jumbled at the moment, but considering the events I’m thinking of using, I suppose that’s only to be expected. Once I’ve sorted that out in my head, then I’ll know if it’s workable. I’m hoping it is, because I think it could be good. Reading this back as I type it makes me realise I need to stop thinking and just write!

Off to research census stuff and gig dates…



1. picasso36 - March 9, 2009

Hey Ally,

I see why you want to sort out dates etc but something my tutor mentioned.When writing autobiographically it is your version/perception of events.It may not always coincide with someone elses view.So I think there is room for artistic licience.She said that what you write and your perceptions is between you and God-noone else can comment.Ok,showing research for gig dates etc is good for the commentary but i do think you can jig things a bit to suiy your structure.Without blatent lies obviously.For example I couldnt say just before I got ill I was having an affair with Paris Hilton.Obviously I wasn’t-it was her sister…

phoenixaeon - March 9, 2009

It isn’t that I want to chronologise (is that a real word?) the gig dates, I needed to work out which came first, the census or the gigs. I wasn’t quite sure. Now I’ve found it was census then gigs. What I wanted to write might still work, but I was hoping that the events happened the other way around. We’ll see. I’ll start writing things soon, now that I’ve done the research – or found as much as I can, anyway!

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