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On a platter… March 11, 2009

Posted by phoenixaeon in A215, Happy learning Principessa, Life writing, writing.

Well. I have completed the first draft (plus some little edits) of the life-writing piece. The first part of it isn’t so bad (the writing needs a bit of work, but that’s fixable), but the second part? I am wondering if I should submit it after I’ve done the rewrite. I think it is a bit too open, a case of overshare. I’m starting to feel a little weird about the whole thing.

Ooh, and woohoo! The Muzzy stuff has just arrived! Princi can choose what language she wants to learn. She now has the choice between German, French, Italian and Spanish. She’ll be a happy Princi when she gets home.

As for me, well, I think I may go and prepare a further piece or two of life writing. It’d be good to be able to choose what I am going to use as the TMA submission. I may not feel so worried then. Thankfully, I still have a month to panelbeat my life for something useable.



1. picasso36 - March 11, 2009

I don’t think it’s overshare Ally.Powerful,evocative, I like it.Of course I think it depends on how you feel about it.I do have a tendancy to be very open,which has got me into trouble many times.Wait till you read what I have planned for my ECA, that really maybe overshare.Having said that after my TMA result I’m not even sure i can carry on at all.

phoenixaeon - March 11, 2009

Eeps! Was it that bad?

picasso36 - March 11, 2009

74%.Not sure if I can carry on,too depressing.

phoenixaeon - March 11, 2009

Umm, 74% is a good mark. Don’t forget, 50% of the mark is weighted on the ECA. Don’t count chickens. You could get in the 90s for the ECA. You just don’t know.

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